Sat Sri Akal Baru Sahib and everyone connected to it, I am Dr.Rashmeet Kaur, alumnus of Baru Sahib Akal Academy batch 2006, from where I completed my schooling from class 8th – 12th. Currently, I am settled in Noida after marriage, where I am running a self-established Homoeopathic Clinic.

Previously, post completion of my B.H.M.S from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College (Noida) in the year 2013, I worked as a Physician at Krishna Hospital, Noida and also practiced under renowned homoeopathic physician Dr.Girish Gupta at Lucknow for 9 months until I finally established my own clinic here.

I originally belong to a small district named Gonda, Lucknow, where my father owns an automobile workshop and mother is a housewife. Now, if I look back & try to trace the trailing steps of my own life behind, I feel that so many things have happened so smoothly in my life, in no time, like it all was some sort of disguised transformation happening – I credit it all to the graces and learning of my Baru Sahib Akal Academy. My life wouldn’t have been the same had I not been lucky enough to be able to receive schooling from Baru Sahib during the most crucial-final years of my senior secondary education that transformed my life into an entirely different individual.

My schooling began at a local school within our Gonda district itself and switching to Akal Academy of the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib from my 8th standard seems purely to be some kind of play or Divine Intervention in the course of my destiny. It was a spontaneous decision that we took upon receiving some good references/feedback provided by some students who were studying at Baru Sahib – and in no time, I found myself landed at the most exclusive and serene environment that I had never experienced in my life before!

Besides the basic knowledge, the Gurbani or Spirituality part that I received from there, the element/the funda that is surely nowhere present or known to anyone in U.P otherwise, is truly a blessing that I received from there. Moreover, the concretion of it all that the Grace of ‘Amrit’ did to my personality, the outfit they blessed me with – it has always brought me special privileges, respect and success all through my course of career. At my college, I was the only Sikh Student and I realized that my outfit, the fact that I was baptized, my atypical lifestyle & perspectives – it all was regarded with great respect, trust and special privileges.

I am certain that had I not been to Baru Sahib then the power of Divinity that the Baru Sahib infuses into its students, would’ve been missing in me for sure. I found everyone at Baru Sahib different from the rest of the world, in a sense that I do not find people so genuine, caring, loving and wanting-good-for-you from the bottom of your heart, etc elsewhere. I often tell my parent that how they made me feel like home there and how I never felt being away from my parents, because they made me feel the tenderness & care, no different from what one receives from one’s parents.

Also, I can never forget the inspiration derived from Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, the greatest soul I’ve ever come across; Dr.Davinder Veerji, a truly motivating personality; Mr.Anthony Sir, a dedicated Christian teacher from Kerala, who taught us social studies and had always maintained a motive of enabling each and every student secure 90%+ at board exams.

In the future, I am preparing to pursue MD and also initiate an NGO targeted to provide Health Education alongside conducting Free Medical Camps for the service of humanity. For the students, especially at Baru Sahib, I would like to say that Akal Academy is already doing its best at developing-promoting and supporting the rural talent, so it’s very important on your part to stay focused towards your goals. Secondly, I would appeal to people in Rural regions to encourage, support and promote education for their girls, for they can be strong pillars of support for the family and also contribute towards transformation and uplift of the entire society.


Warm Regards,
Dr. Rashmeet Kaur – B.H.M.S
Homoeopathic Physician.