I am Jasleen Kaur from Ludhiana, currently serving as a lecturer in the MBA department at the Eternal University located in the valley of Divine Peace – Baru Sahib since almost a year now post completing my MBA from Institute of Management Dehradun.

Though it was only for a period of 2 years that I received the blessed opportunity to attend the Baru Sahib’s Akal Academy for my schooling of 9th and 10th standard, but the experience was truly both evolving and transitionary for me; what I experienced and gained in those 2 years is something that will remain a part of my soul for the rest of my life.

My basic schooling was initiated at Guru Nanak Public School at my hometown Ludhiana where my father had his own business. I wouldn’t have been fortunate to be a part of Baru Sahib had it not been for the motivation and inspiration of my mother. My parents got deeply inspired by the piousness and serenity of the place, it was a transformative experience for them too, so much so that they took a call for migrating our whole family to Baru Sahib – they switched their work profiles and moved to Baru Sahib alongside me and my sibling; my mother took up the job of a music teacher and my father got appointed as the Head of Department for the IT at Baru Sahib wherein he took up several IT projects for the Kalgidhar Trust Organization and it’s Akal Academies.

Both I and my brother had the most pleasant and contenting experience of our lives there for the 2 years that we spent there, especially with the added exclusive element of Spirituality that was introduced to our lives. It was only due to some specific circumstances related to my brother’s health and my father’s requirement to be involved into some outstation projects, due to which we all eventually had to move from Baru Sahib.

Also, previously, at my former school, besides Academics, I was an active participant in sports alongside which I had developed a very strong fascination to see myself involved with music as well, but I could not get myself close to music. But at Baru Sahib, I received a blessed opportunity and saw myself blending with the Gurbani Routine including music in the form of Kirtans and instruments through some of the most exclusive and talented teachers from across the Nation!

During the course of 2 years, I came across some very inspiring personalities, from whom I derived a great amount of motivation and it wasn’t just from the dedicated teachers alone, but also through some highly exceptional students! Besides the great Dr.Davinder Veerji and Neelam Ma’am, I really received a lot of inspiration and motivation from a student and a great friend Lovepreet Kaur, besides being the highest scorer in almost all the subjects, she was a star at sports too; she was brilliantly involved in Hockey, Basketball, etc and played at school level, she was also the master at the debates; in midst of maintaining such skills, she was still very particular about her schedule of spirituality, she religiously followed the 4:30am routine and was truly the greatest motivation figure amongst students and yet carried a downtrodden persona.

Post my MBA, I had received a fortunate placement in an Australian firm named FRM Pvt. Ltd as a Client Advisor/Consultant in their Business Development Department; it was a post that I got selected for after passing through a series of selection rounds amongst 350 other candidates, but, such great was the devotion and inspiration infused into me by my parents that I decided to start on with Eternal University as a Lecturer; and truly, one year down the line, I feel much more contented, inspired and satisfied from what I am doing – sharing the light of knowledge with the student, each day, with so many – it really feels great to be a part of such noble serving/cause that the Baru Sahib has embarked upon under the leadership of Baba Iqbal Singh ji.

I would like to tell one thing to all students that Baru Sahib is something exclusive and transformative, wherein one gets to explore and introspect one’s own self, especially through the spirituality part, hence everyone should must experience it. The parents should also let their child soar in the sky because every child has a right to explore himself; this would ensure he becomes an asset for the society one day. Gur-Fateh.

Warm Regards

Jasleen Kaur

Lecturer – MBA Department, Eternal University, Baru Sahib