SatSriAkal everyone. I am Rupinder Singh, an alumnus of Akal Academy Muktsar, from where I received most of my schooling from L.K.G to 10th class before I moved to Bhatinda for completing my +2.

After finishing my school, I pursued MBBS from Govt. Medical College in Patiala, post which I got placed as a Medical Associate at the Govt. Hospital in Muktsar.

I was born to a middle-working class family in the town of Muktsar, wherein my father does a Govt. job and my mother is a housewife. I also have a younger sister, who also studying at Akal Academy and has just passed out recently.

Having lived through a childhood defined with limits and conservative calculations, my current life appears to me none less than a fairytale – having received the privilege of education at a graced school like Akal Academy, successfully completing my MBBS and having landed onto a respectable job in the medical field – it feels fortunate to have been able to come this far.

Wanting more from life is something I have never been familiar with because our family’s lifestyle has always taught us to manage and be happy with whatever is available; hence, the life is keeping me curious, by bringing more and more experiences my way, that I was never even capable of imagining or asking for.

I feel, all that’s coming my way – ever since the time my parents made the bold effort of educating me and my sister through Akal Academy; our life at school, the motivation and the inspiration I received from the great teachers at school and the way this all has been steering my life so far; taking me from one place to another, from one step to the next…it seems it’s some kind of divine synergy that is taking care of my life. It surely is accompanying me from the days of my school, the element of divinity has certainly come from the Baru Sahib’s Academy and its learning that the great-hearted teachers fostered into us students.

Currently, I am planning for a Post Graduation degree and will be taking up the All India Entrance Test for the same. And like always, I am keeping no thoughts about the upcoming times but I am curious to discover what’s in store next for me. I am hopeful that with grace of Almighty, I will continue to be blessed which will  enable me to have a career in medical services through which I plan to serve the mankind to the best of my capacity!

I wish to pay my special regards to everyone back at school and all the member connected to the Kalgidhar Society for undertaking such a Noble mission of uplifting & transforming the lives of us rural children and helping us raise the standard of our families. Gur-Fateh!

Best Regards –
Rupinder Singh M.B.B.S
Medical Associate – Govt. Hospital Muktsar