Hi, I am Harinder Singh from a small village called Madhak, an alumnus of the Kalgidhar Trust’s Akal Academy Muktsar, from where I completed my entire schooling up till 10th, and Akal Academy Reethkheri, which I joined to pursue my +2 alongside receiving special training for IIT entrance, which AA Reethkheri was exclusively providing to its students.

Hailing from a family into farming of a small village, it wasn’t easy for my father to facilitate schooling for me and my younger sister, but, with the kind Grace of Almighty and blessings of Baru Sahib’s Akal Academy, our family received the required strength of living through some of the most bone crushing times. The situation has transformed now, both me and my sister are able to support our family well and our parents are much comfortable, happy and joyous now; my sister also an Akal Academy pass out, is all set to start her career post completing her BCA.

My placement with the Indian Defense Army, where I am currently under training at NDA Pune, is purely a play of destiny. If I connect the dots, it all started post I switched to Akal Academy Reethkheri with a view to receive their special coaching for getting myself ready for IIT – there upon being inspired by one of our teachers, Mr A.O Sir, I happened to fill the form for NDA entrance, upon which I visited Bhopal for an interview, which was followed by several tests over a period of 5 days. With strength, blessings and confidence of my Akal Academy, I happened to clear all the tests, post which they enrolled me for a few more tests for another 7 days.

Thereafter came the verdict, the merit list came out and to my surprise, I found my name on the list! It was the greatest moment of my life, it made my parents proud and everyone at village congratulated my parents for my placement with Defense Army.

Currently, I am in the last year of my 3 year training program at NDA Pune, which also includes my B.Sc. degree program. After I am through with this, I will be moved to IMA, Dehradun for 9 months of final training module before I join the forces as Lieutenant.

For wherever I’ve reached so far and whatever I’ve attained, the Akal Academy has played the major role behind all of it – be it the kind of exposure I got on all the fronts while being at the Akal Academy or that dedicated IIT coaching which they provided that I found NDA exams to be a cakewalk for me! Attained all of it; without the need of any kind of outside support or tuitions for the purpose of preparation, such was the standard and quality of teaching at the Academy in our rural region.

For everything I am experiencing in my life, I wish to sincerely thank Dr. Pramod Pathak of our Muktsar Academy, who guided us a lot and A.O sir from Reethkheri Academy, who motivated and made me fill my forms for the NDA entrance. Also, the school instilled into me the much required discipline and habit of following routines because of which I could easily adapt to the Army regime.

Last but the foremost, I would like to thank my parents for blessing me to receive education despite of all the hard times they were living through. I would like to appeal to all students, especially in the rural areas to study with all their heart with an intent to serve and take care of your parents, this way success will come your way for sure. Gur-Fateh.

~ Lieutenant Harinder Singh
~ Indian Defence Army, Pune.