Having born in a typical agrarian family of a not so developed-small village in Punjab, I could’ve never imagined myself leading a life so smooth and comfortable in the most beautiful country of the world, Canada – my current place of living, where I am currently filling my credits for ‘Masters in Mathematics’ post completing my Fast Track Diploma Course in ‘Enterprise Data Management’ from ‘Sheridan College’ at Oakville, Canada; after completion of my credits, I am also looking forward to do my M.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Alberta alongside pursuing a minor in Religious Studies in parallel, after which, I envision a career of a Database Engineer – Data Modeling and also as a teacher of Mathematics – the subject I love from my heart.

I know that sounds diverse, but I so love and enjoy being diverse – that’s how I have been designed; all credits to my school, my Akal Academy Baru Sahib for it.  I did my schooling from Akal Academy Baru Sahib from 1999, when I was in 3rd Standard, up till completion of my +2 in the year 2008, post which I pursued my B.Sc. with Computer Applications from Punjab University’s ‘MCM Women College’ in Chandigarh.

The element of dynamism was infused into me at Akal Academy – from Academics to Spirituality to Sports – the school activated and charged each and every ion of me. I was an active athlete at the school each year, they gave me the official title of ‘Torch Bearer’ for the Academy; then from 9th onwards I also happened to be the Captain of our Basketball Team wherein even players senior to me played under my captaincy.Both of my brothers have also studied from Akal Academy Baru Sahib and they both are also great athletes by the Grace of Almighty.

When I was a kid, it so happened that my Grand Father had a close connection with the working of Baru Sahib, he was an active member in coordinating land donations to Baru Sahib for the purpose of building schools in the rural regions; so he was in close touch with Baba Ji also.

Hence, for all of us kids in our family – all my cousins and their cousins, the Baru Sahib Academy became like a Family School. It became like a tradition for the kids of our family to at least spend 3-5 years of our schooling at Baru Sahib, but then, once anyone would join, they’d fall in love with it and would end up staying there for the entire schooling.

From the school, I deeply cherish the memories of our classes, especially about the inspirational guidance that Dr.Davinder Veerji would provide during his classes; Baba Ji were always there in regular touch with all of us students, Amarjit Singh Veerji also gave his best to the students. I feel that I would’ve been a totally different personality if I had not been fortunate enough to attend Akal Academy. I would’ve been only a total scientific person devoid of any form of spirituality; I would’ve had a very different perspective towards life and way of looking at things. It feels great to realize that we have been induced about something so strong within us through spirituality at such an early age – which helps us at every front in our lives, giving much confidence and unique ability and an edge of seeing things from a different dimension, a different perspective, that others have been missing.

Also I would like to specifically mention the great peaceful time I had whilst being a part of ‘Dhadivaraan’ performances with the ‘Behenjis’ and having done a few lectures alongside Babaji to promote Sikhism.

For the people of my native society, I would like to say that the most important two things in life is to ‘Learn to Share’ – be it wealth, knowledge or love, and secondly – ‘Letting go the Ego’, we should constantly learn to leave it aside if we really wish to see prosperity in and around us. For students, I would like to say that what you are made from inside at Baru Sahib, that is the best – hence do not be shy of being yourself in the world outside of school; you should be what you are and not try to pretend.

Lastly, I wish to pay my regards to everyone at Baru Sahib and thank them for making me the person I am today.


Amandeep Kaur