Gur Fateh everyone! I am Harjap Kaur – a typical small town girl who dared to dream big in her small dreams. Muktsar, my native place, where I grew up studying at Akal Academy run by Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. I completed my +2, after which, currently I am doing B.V.Sc & A.H i.e Veterinary Sciences from Guru Angad Dev University Ludhiana.

As they say, good things never come so easy in our lives; so challenges were very obvious in my life, but, throughout, my family and Waheguru ji have been very supportive. Thanks to the Almighty for where I am today.

My parents, being Lecturers at Govt. Schools, were my first teachers, for they had taught me to never give up at any moment; they have been very supportive during every small or major decision of my life; they are always there to stand by my side to guide me through my way.

My parents decided to put me in a day boarding school Akal Academy Muktsar, but I as a kid was always afraid to go to schools in general; I cried for almost two weeks saying that I don’t want to go the school, but then I got the support from my class in-charge Mrs. Sarbjeet Brar Ma’am who looked after each one of us students like her very own children. She was very supportive throughout. Several teachers at the school made school a second home for me.

Of all things at school, firstly, I would like to talk about our principle – Sukhraj ma’am, she was the best Principal I could ever have; she was immaculate at her work, then my teacher Mrs. Sushil Sunita Ma’am; she is the greatest teacher I got – she would always support me at every point – like my parents did; she taught us how to again stand up again in life during the tough times in life, she taught us how to never lose hope – I owe a great part of my success to her.

Amongst other teachers to whom I owe a lot are Suman Rana sir, R.P sir, Surinder Garg sir, Leena ma’am, Paramjeet Brar ma’am, Kawaljit sir, and several more.

It was because of my teachers that I am was motivated to dream for my career; soon after doing & A.H i.e. after completing my graduation I wish to go abroad for my post graduation or else I want to join Indian Army as a Veterinary Doctor.

When I was small, as a child I always used to fancy being a doctor and my grandfather always dreamed of me as a ‘Veterinary Doctor’ but I had no keen interest in the profession at that time, but as I grew up he me. Though he has passed away before the time of my admission but I am sure it would’ve given great peace to his soul knowing that I am pursuing this course – so I have been happy from the very first day after my admission; I have always wished to make my parents feel proud.

I feel – rather, I want every girl out there to be given a chance to study & receive Education; they should not be kept behind the bars i.e. confined within the home.

For students at the Akal Academy, I would like to say that you all are at the bestest school so keep on going and always remember hard-work is the only key to success. Great achievements of the students of different academies stand witness to its sincerity for their students in developing their lives and stay blessed.

And to the parents out there at the village, I would like to say that Akal Academy is a heavenly and eminent education place, just like its name, where your child can become whatever you dream for him/her. So don’t hesitate and get them admitted to AKAL ACADEMY.

Lastly, but not the least, I would like to thank Akal Academy for making me what I am today – making my life worth living it the way I am getting to live now. Thank you so much.