Gurjant Singh was a resident of village Begpur, district Phillibit in Uttar Pradesh. The child was brought to Akal Academy Gomti for his schooling. Carrying a baggage full of his parents high hopes, he walked into his new phase of life.

He had several precious moments from school that often pervade his mind; the first being his school uniform. It was a white ‘Kurta Pajama’ which symbolized simplicity.

The son of a farmer had big dreams and worked hard in full zeal to achieve them. Gurjant turned out to be an intelligent youth. His incredible result was an outcome of his determination and strong will. He dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur in Australia.
He passed his 12th from the institute with flying colours and a passionate aura which helped him to rise above others.Being persistent in his efforts & preparation to lead forward, he decided to pursue his IELTS.

When the IELTS result arrived, the rural youth achieved an incredible score of 6 out of 9 bands in IELTS. He packed his suitcase with his parent’s blessings & left for a fresh start in Australia.

Sticking to his goal he then decided to pursue his Automotive Course in Acumeun College, Melbourne. And the values he had learnt at his academy helped him in every stage of life.

Today, the son of the farmer is working in a transport company named ‘EV Transports’ in Melbourne. And is yet likely to start his own business.

His writes a heartwarming message, “Apart from academics, I sincerely credit Akal Academies for spiritually connecting me to Almighty through medium of path; whatever spirituality is imbibed in me is from the Academy.

I wish to appeal to the parents that they must send their children to schools & provide them education on first priority over work. Rest I would want every child, especially at the villages to study at Akal Academy not just for the reasons of good academic foundation & spirituality but also for the proficiency in English that I noticed in the students of the Akal Academies which is missing at other schools.