Satbir Singh, an alumni of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib is a resident of Noida, New Delhi. His father is a sales executive and was a successful being. Satbir wanted to achieve something great in life to make his family proud.

Satbir’s parents lived in Dubai. He pursued his early schooling abroad. After 7 years of school, his family consulted some Sikh families in Dubai about his further education. The decision was finally taken. Satbir was sent to India to complete the rest of his schooling in India.

He was brought to the divine valley of peace. The very sight of the glorious institution nestled in the divine laps mesmerized him.

He had a memorable period at the spiritual institution. The daily routine of going to the Darbar Sahib twice a day to recite ‘Gurbani’ was a state of bliss to his mind. He always dreamt of a successful career like his father.

He wanted to become a software engineer and also had developed the love of serving and working for the divine institution. After completing his 12th he decided to pursue his B.Tech from Akal College of Engineering and Technology and the journey towards his dream was now a few steps away.

After completing his study, Satbir’s dedication for the academy was evidently visible.

Today the blessed youth has reached his ultimate goal. He is currently a software engineer at ’ JIVO Wellness Private Limited’ the brand under the trust itself. His parents are proud of him and very thankful to Baru Sahib.

“ Success is rowing your boat to the destiny overcoming all the cyclones because life is never easy but people who know how to live life facing all the obstacles are the people who can taste success.”