Sukhjinder Singh was sent to Akal Academy, Baru Sahib at an age when one can rarely breathe without parents. Guru is always present to hold his hand & take care of him in the valley of divine peace. This young boy from Anandpur Kesho village in Patiala, was sent to Baru Sahib in nursery. His father who was a farmer kept his hopes alive on his education.

10 Years of Schooling transformed his young impressionable mind. After his tenth Grade he went to pursue his 11th and 12th at Mahindra college, Patiala. After the school criteria was over and the real game to beat the heat in his career had just begun. Sukhjinder went to Banda Singh Bahadur engineering college to pursue his B.Tech. The four year course gave a training stamp to the rural boy.

To gain a working experience as a beginner he went to Jasdev Singh college of polytechnic to teach the students applying for diploma and the jobs and conditions. All these years of training helped him to gather experience and sail his boat further.

-Jagpal Singh