Muneetpal Singh had started his school from Isher Academy in U.P. And was brought to Akal Academy Gomti after measuring the circumstances and feedbacks of several other parents who had their studying there. The boy from a small village Bhopatpur in district Phillibit was brought to the institution to pursue his 11th and 12th.

The education of the chap had started to progress. At home his father was a farmer along with his mother who was a housewife. His younger brother also had desperate love and hope for his elder blood.

Continuing on with his educational values, the spiritual values were also served at the institute as the span of two years had become worth it. People look beyond and away for their future. And for that they forget their present. But, the chap virtually says live the present and convert it into your desired future, So that you enjoy that present.

To pursue his B.Tech, Muneet went to Bareilly in U.P at Sri Sithi Nayak group of institutions. The only goal he had was to become a software engineer. And to go into the depth he was doing everything he needed to and was surviving on his will.

Actually, the fact is the same, dedication, willpower and hard work belief and it’s obvious those people who ‘believe’ are surely the one who beat the heat.

Today, the blessed chap is pursuing his M.B.A at the same institute. And living in the present he believes he will beat the upcoming obstacles.

Ultimately, he is all set to become a man he desired a ‘Software Engineer’ with spiritual qualities, which he got from the institution.