“Money is only a tool. It will take you whenever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” This is a tale of a young guy who had ordinary thoughts while watching his father work at the farm. That scenario perhaps created his will to be a specialist in that field to make farming life comfortable for farmers like his father and others.

An alumni Gagandeep Singh of village Tamkot , district Shri Muktsar Sahib was born in a farmer’s family. Having dreams his father brought him to Akal Academy Muktsar. He was five years old and was slated to begin with nursery. And the small kid had started to merge in the colors of the spiritual world.

In his daily school life, when it was time to go home. He would run home and his father would be in farms. There he would give him a tight hug and sit beside. He used to get lost in thoughts watching his brave father working in the curse of the hot sun.

Getting mature in his school life Gagan was also polished with a theme of humanity. Remembering the sweat of his old father, he had set a goal to change their hard life into a comfortable one and to make farmer achieve a high status in the society.

So, after going through his 10th, his ambition made him run for his bachelors in his specific field. That would be a positive startup to his destiny. Gagan came to PAU (Punjab Agriculture University) Ludhiana to pursue his B.Sc.
The ideology and his moment both seemed perfect to work. And besides his regular study in college he used to research more about farmer’s basic problems. And now presently the son of Guru Gobind Singh ji is in his final year of B.Sc. And looking ahead he also is planning to pursue his M.Sc. and be a professional in the field.

Continuing with his mission, Today Gagan thanks his academy with his emotional words “I feel perfectly stuck to my goal and also got a feeling that I’m going to make it. The goal of my life originated by getting the concept of humanity in my head and watching my father work so hard. Today, farmers commit suicide in cases of their lands and earnings. Because the stress of working hard with an unsatisfied outcome is usually not acceptable to anyone.”
“That’s why my research and my thoughts have the power of humanity in them. And I am sure that I will achieve my goal and then by inventions with innovative ideas make this world a better place for farmers. Thank you Akal Academy Muktsar Sahib.”

‘It’s not only money which makes you successful. Remember after death a human is only known for his deeds.’

~ Jagpal Singh