Born in a small village Gurdaspur, I , Rupinder Singh, come from a middle class farmer family which lived hand to mouth during late 80’s and early 90’s, at the time when the risk of terrorism was looming large in Punjab.

Fortunately, during those times, Baba Iqbal Singh Ji of the Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib, who happened to visit our village to spread education awareness amongst the rural children of our village; my father used to do his ‘sangat’ since quite some time. Luckily we were told about the recently built (at that time) Akal Academy at Baru Sahib.

Babaji explained to the rural parents of the village, the advantages, benefits and the unique concept of spiritual plus worldly education. Hence my family, though living in economic conditions not so good, got inspired to take this life changing call for me – by deciding to send me to Baru Sahib, to cocoon me from the hazardous environment that prevailed almost throughout Punjab during those times.

Everything I have today – my ideologies, my faith, my career as a Deputy Commandant with BSF, is all because of that life transforming life experience I had at Baru Sahib. I completed my entire schooling from the Akal Academy in the year 2000 with a score of 80%, post which I pursued B.Sc in Microbiology from Doon Paramedical College.

Having lived a life forged with disciplines and routines at Baru Sahib, I realized that I had developed a liking; rather love for such life of utmost discipline. From that point I identified that my interests were lying in serving the nation through the forces, because there, I would get to live on the way I have been toughened to, at Baru Sahib. Hence I prepared and attempted for the BSF entrance and with grace of almighty and blessings of Baru Sahib, I got selected. It has now been almost 5½ years since I am serving at BSF, currently at the post of Deputy Commandant.

I feel great and very comfortable here at BSF, the environment that I found here was familiar and easily adaptable for me; the things went quite smooth, I easily got accustomed to the regime for I already possessed the required foundation of great disciplines, fostered into my being naturally by Baru Sahib.

The school played a pivotal role in proving me inspiration and motivation to do something big in life; the teachers, the staff members, they all were highly inspiring individuals – Er. Amarjeet Singh (from USA), Dr. Neelam Ma’am, Jaswinder Veerji, ever present Guidance of Babaji, it all created an environment conducive for a great learning and an all round development of the students.

Besides academics, the Academy provided me my full dose of active sports that kept me physically fit and suitable for BSF. The school presented me with the best sportsman award in the year 1999, one of the most memorable days from my school life. I participated in almost all sporting activities like Football, Athletics, Badminton, etc.

Towards society, I feel there’s a great need for organizations like the Kalgidhar Trust, who can combat the growing new enemy of the state – Drugs and Alcohol Abuse. The situation in our times was different, it was terrorism that was spreading the darkness, but I am certain that with such dedicated and relentless efforts of the organizations and the schools like Akal Academies, Punjab will, in no time, recuperate from its situation, just the way it did at the time of terrorism crisis in 80’s and early 90’s.

Rest, for the rural parents and students, I would like to say that life requires great courage and efforts after school, since one needs to lose after school the cocoon that school provides; you all will one day be stepping out of the cozy environment of the school and face realities of life, hence be bold and do your best to accustom yourself with the dynamic external environment and in no time, you will see success coming your way!

Deputy Commandant Rupinder Singh – BSF