I am Dr. Ranjeet Singh Virk, I belong from a very small village called Assand in Karnal. I am currently a Senior Resident Doctor at MMU’s (Maharishi Markandeshwar University) Hospital, Ambala as an Anesthesia & Critical Care Specialist looking after O.T., Emergency and the I.C.U.

Prior to this, I have served at Fortis ( Kota ) for 1 ½ year post completing my MBBS, after which I started with my MD (Doctor of Medicine) which I just completed recently.

I joined Akal Academy Baru Sahib on the day of Vaisakhi in the year 1990, the most memorable day of my life, which completely changed my destiny & brought me to a stand where I am today. My family, a typical farming-dependent family, during those times, was striving for a living.

As most of you are aware that the Academy was originally started in the year 1986 by respected Baba Iqbal Singh Ji of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib; I am one of the alumni who had joined the Academy in its initial years of coming into existence, hence I have witnessed almost the entire course of Academy’s progression & expansion over a decade of my academic association with Baru Sahib. I completed my +2 from the Academy in the year 2000 and was awarded with the ‘Sant Attar Singh Ji Gold Medal’ for the best outgoing student by the school in the year 2001.

Though my achievements may not be much compared to that of several brilliant alumnus of the Academy, but whatever I have received in my life so far, behind all of it, stands blessings and strong contribution of the Baba Iqbal Singh Ji and his divine Akal Academy of Baru Sahib. It was during one of his programs during an education awareness drive in the year 1990, where I happened to be present by luck, which brought the existence of Akal Academy to my knowledge. Such strong was his conviction to bring about a transformation for the Rurals, such was the velocity in his words that my family, in no time, was convinced to switch my school to Baru Sahib.

The Babaji & his Academy went every mile provide support for me and my family; around the time I was in 5th standard, my father passed away, it was a really tough time for my family, especially financially, and at that time Babaji personally took care that my education does not get affected – from thereon he arranged to facilitate my schooling at 50% concession, for which, I am and will always be indebted to Babaji all my life.

There is so much I have for the Academy in my heart that I can write endlessly for it. There’s a constant nostalgia that I carry for that place, whenever I hear about Akal Academies or the name Baru Sahib from anyone, my heart begins to start pounding for they have given me a lot – a lot to a rural like me, both in terms of quality worldly education and spiritual-religious uplift. I still remember having ‘Kanth’ (learning by heart), the entire ‘Nitnem’ path, while I was only in 7th Standard; for which, as a recognition , I was presented with ‘Mahan Kosh’ by Jaivinder Singh Ji – Honorable Director of Cheema Sahib’s Akal College.

I have derived a very deep inspiration through Dr.Davinder Singh Veerji, MD – he is, no doubt, the one person whom I have always and will always admire. I keep a strong desire to contribute to the organization, or at least be able to return a little from all that I owe to it. In the past me and my brother really wished to have one academy opened at our native village too, for which we got in touch with Jagjit Singh (Kaka Veerji), who is another motivating & inspiring personality who has devoted a lifetime to the organization.

I still feel connected to the organization, in a way that our next generation in the family i.e. my nephew is also studying at Baru Sahib now; I, on a regular basis, visit the divine valley of peace every 2-3 months for the purpose (more of an excuse) of attending PTM sessions for of my nephew.

Also, since I am all settled in life now (and married) by God’s grace, I am now able to look forward towards associating myself with the organization’s in their Free Medical Camps on a regular basis to contribute my share through my services as ‘sewa’ , as a small gesture of my gratitude, love & respect for Babaji and his divine endeavor of serving the humanity.

Dr Ranjeet Singh Virk