SatSriAkal….I am Dimple Singla, a simpleton from village Bhadaur from where I also did my schooling from class 3rd to 12th from Akal Academy batch 2008. Post my schooling I pursued my B.Tech from Giani Zail Singh College Bhatinda from where I am currently doing my M.Tech alongside working as a Lecturer for Electrical Engineering Subjects at Guru Ram Das College since around 10 months – my first job.

I belong to a middle class family. My Dad is a Grocery Shop owner and my mother is a house-wife, I also have a young brother who is studying. At the time of my childhood, there weren’t many CBSE affiliated – English schooling options at village, it was only around the time when I was in 3rd standard that Akal Academy came up and my family immediately got me admitted there. Rest, the life at the time went smooth as far as schooling was concerned since there was a well facilitated bus service available.

Experience at Akal Academy was also very great, I learnt English from there; previously, I didn’t know anything about the language, whatever I know about English now, is all learnt from Akal Academy. Rest of the studies were also good, the facility was also very nice.

I recall Preeti Ma’am, who was from Calcutta, she was our in-charge at elementary level and taught us several subjects. Anupreet Ma’am, who taught us English, she was great too, I don’t know if they all are still at school or not. The spirituality part also gave me a lot – I know Japji Sahib, Anand Sahib, etc.

For the future, I am preparing from Electrical Engineering JE & AE Tests and I hope that blessings of my Almighty and the Kalgidhar Trust’s Akal Academy will stay with me and enable me to succeed.

I would appeal to all the parents, especially in rural areas that Akal Academies are the best for them for their children. To the schools – keep performing the way you are and all will be great.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Warm Regards
Dimple Singla