I am Manpreet Kaur of Village Shaina, I am an alumnus of Akal Academy Bhadaur from where completed my most precious 2 years of schooling of +2 in the year 2008. Post schooling I pursued my B.Sc in Non-Medical from Dayanand Mathura Das College, Moga; then I completed my B.Ed from Guru Gobind Singh College of education Barnala.

I am now married and alongside pursuing my M.Sc in Physics alongside job as a Science and Maths Teacher at a Private School ‘Singhal Stars’, Mansa since around 4 months. Prior to this, before marriage I was teaching at Akal Academy Dhalewal, where I spent an year.

The schooling that I received at Akal Academy was transformative in several ways – since I originally switched from a Punjabi medium school so getting good at English is all credited to Akal Academy’s Fantastic Teachers; my English improved plus whatever I am today is all because of Akal Academy’s transformative education.

I especially remember my physics teacher Rakesh Sharma Sir, who contributed greatly towards helping students like me and a friend of mine who had only Punjabi/Hindi background and were weak in English. Mr.Sharma would not only induce my interest in physics but also helped us improve our understanding of English due to his helpful translation from English to Hindi during teaching which also made things more easy for us.

In future I am eyeing to get a Govt. Job as a Teacher for Sciences. For the students out there, especially girls in the rural areas, I would like to say that do live up to the expectations of your parents, stay connected to Gurbani at all times and fulfill the desires of your parents – Sikhi is the main and foremost thing…Rest of the worldly things come second.

Satnam Sri WaheGuru

Manpreet Kaur