How Manveer Singh, Student of Akal Academy saved his Alcoholic Father!

Alcoholism not only takes a serious toll on health but also damages the brain. Punjab is now being referred as India’s Narcotic Haven. Earlier known for its rich heritage the state is now notorious for the flow of the 6th river of drugs and alcoholic consumption.

In this gloomy and dark situation, some gems have managed to shine with their efforts to protect the region of five rivers. Manveer Singh is a resident of village Sakoor in district Ferozpur. Everything seemed perfect in his family until one day when he discovered something which perturbed his mind.

Manveer’s farmer father had this addicting habit of drinking alcohol. And he hardly had an idea what to do in such situation. His mother was tensed how to help her husband and drag him out of this vicious addiction.

Manveer Singh was admitted in #AkalAcademy Ratta Khera. He was polished with the divine values of the #AkalAcademy . He has good values of Sikhi ingrained in him and daily performed his prayer rituals of Nitnem and Ardaas. He was well aware of the ill effects of drugs. The son of Guru Gobind Singh was now ready to take that step which could save his father.

The optimistic approach by the young lad was like a eye opener to the drunkard father. After several weeks his father got baptized and decided to quit alcohol.

There are thousand other families suffering with this problem. And only some people who have the divine light evolving within themselves that helps them to solve the issue and spread positivity.

The action of the young has not only made the Akal Academies proud but thanks to the efforts of the #KalgidharTrust ; is a sign of motivation for others to save Punjab for the sake of humanity.

Get up, it’s the time now, get inspired from Manveer Singh and restore #PUNJAB back to its old glory.