Saving humanity is the biggest religion in the world. Nowadays people are committing crimes which were never heard or thought of earlier and addiction to drugs is worsening the problem. But, for every such problem god has sent a messenger who will save the WORLD. Such heroes are polished with divinity and dedication spreading their fragrance all over.

In the Modern times where the youth is on the verge of depleting moral values, Ekamjot Singh, student of Akal Academy made his father quit alcohol and helped him re-establishing his faith in the Akal Purakh.

This student of Akal Academy, Fatehgarh Channa had a childhood full of happiness and joy. But Peace and prosperity of his home was badly shattered, when he came to know about his father’s addiction to alcohol.

The scenario at home was disturbing him every day. His dad used to have alcohol on a regular basis and he could foresee a dark future of his family. He considered his father the backbone of his family. Seeing him falling in the prey of drugs gripped his mind.
He was brought up with deep rooted spiritual values at his academy which taught him the value of a human life.
One day, he made up his mind and rose up strong willed. He told his father to choose between him and alcohol. He firmly told him that he would never talk to him if he doesn’t quit alcohol. These words stunned his father.

His father wondered how much his son loved him and how concerned he was to get him out of the flood of alcohol.
It took him one year to quit alcohol totally and thereafter he became a Gursikh.

Akal Academies are relentlessly working towards rescuing such families in Punjab from the swamp of Drug and Alcohol addiction through the means of Value based Education.

Ekam is a hero as he took a firm step to convince his father to leave the slow poison which would have definitely brought its ill effects along.

His deed of saving his father will be remembered for generations to come. Akal Academies shape people with strong wills to protect humanity with values of dignity and dedication.