‘Success does not lie in results, but in efforts. Being the best is not so important but giving your best is all that matters.’

This is a story of an urban boy who gave it all to become a football player. The most motivating attribute of his personality was that he never gave up. Today he is pursuing his studies in law and desires to open up his NGO to serve the needy in future.

Vasudev Dutta is an alumni of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib. This youngster was brought to Akal Academy Baru Sahib in nursery class. His father is a businessman in Ghaziabad, UP.

Vasu had interesting memories of his school life. He was passionate about playing football at the divine valley and was an outstanding player. As a goalkeeper, his team would have him as their powerhouse. His talent was extraordinary and he worked hard on the ground to beat the heat. The values of divinity and humanity which were ingrained in him during his schooling had a great influence on his mind & he decided to dedicate his life in service of the poor and needy.

After completing his 10th from Baru Sahib, he was sent to Andhra Education Society Senior Secondary School. Vasudev has been concentrating on the way to fulfill his dream. Although his desire to become a football player did not diminish, he initially understood the real purpose of life. He believes that the biggest blessing in this world was to serve humanity.

Vasu wants to set up an NGO. He started planning different ways to serve humanity and decided to educate the underprivileged lot. His urge to pursue this dream was strong and thus he decided to pursue his education from Mewar institute of Law.

Today Vasudev is in the fourth and the final year and is also the owner and managing director at BTC Electronics Stores Delhi. He will be opening his NGO in the upcoming years.

There was nothing which Vasu did not have. Belonging to a well to do business, he could have sat on the office chair handling his family business but it was the divine light within him which made him eager to take a step forward to serve humanity.

‘A person can be rich enough to make his place on earth but only the deeds you earn guarantee your place in heaven.’