Damanpreet Kaur was born & brought up in a joint family at Fatehgarh Sahib. Her family seemed perfect but there was something which was slowing ruining it. Damanpreet’s Uncle had this addicting habit of drinking alcohol.

Being a student of Akal Academy, Fatehgarh Channa she was ingrained with values of Sikhi & spiritualism. She also performed her daily routine Nitnem. She was well aware of the ill effects of Drugs.

Her Uncle would leave work at 5, come home & would keep on drinking alcohol till late night. Since he was the eldest in the family, no one had the courage to speak against him. The family atmosphere was ruined because of his daily drinking habit.

Daman decided to step in one day; she smashed his bottle on the floor and splattered everything on the floor. His habit was becoming intolerable as his drunkard uncle would thrash his wife over petty issues.

Her deep rooted values of humanity added to her divine aura. Only she had the power to stand against injustice and wrong.

Finally, she went to her uncle and insisted him to swear by herself. The moment was terrific as she could have been slapped by the drunkard. But, he simply went away. And as days passed on he was lost in his deep thoughts of rediscovering his inner self.

Her innocent words were powerful enough to open his eyes and he decided to put an end to this slow poison. There are thousand other families suffering with this problem. And only some people who have the divine light evolving within themselves that helps them to solve the issue and spread positivity.

Today her uncle feels proud of his young niece who helped him restore his healthy life and he emotionally adds:

“I thank Akal Academy, Fatehgarh Channa to give my niece such a vision to insist me to leave that stubborn alcohol. I was a wild human being. But Daman, opened my eyes.

Sometimes, I think that she is a god sent angel in our life.

So, thank you Akal Academy Fatehgarh Channa and honorable Baba ji to make miracles exist in real life.”