‘Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone. What matters is giving up.’
The Divine Valley of Peace has set enough examples heroes who are not only great scholars but also honest, altruistic and compassionate human beings.

Harsimranjeet Singh is a son of a well settled business man in Jammu & Kashmir. But unlike other businessmen, his father’s idea of success was different. He wanted his son to build his own pathway of success. He was worried about his son & did not want him to grow up like city spoilt brat. He decided to send his child to Baru Sahib.

Harsimran was studious and responsible student with a keen interest in business. Harsimran found it very difficult to adjust in the divine environment. But , the enlightenment of the Gurus was supporting him. The divine essence had completely taken over his soul that he decided to get baptised. The day was not complete without his daily routine of Nitnem.

Within a Span of two years, his personality underwent a drastic change and the results were more than satisfactory for his family.
He pursued his B.A in MAM College in Jammu. In his College , he would inspire others to be a proper Sikh and learn the true meaning of divinity.
His fresh step was a sign of effective start to his final destination. It was not just Hard work but his persistence to succeed that gave his career a kick start.
Today he is a government contractor and a successful businessman. Along with this, he is pursuing his post-graduation in political science.

His heart is filled with gratitude for Baru sahib and Babaji.
“Words fall short to describe my experience at Baru Sahib. “