They say we all have a turning point in our lives, a situation, an episode or an experience that drastically or completely transforms our being as if re-writing the destiny on our foreheads; we all have to patiently await for it until destiny unfolds it for us.

For my life, it was back in the days of my childhood when my Bank Manager Father, who was then the sole earner of our middle class family, after much consideration and keeping in mind the Sikhism connection, decided to admit me at Akal Academy. The reason behind was simple, our family is a pure Sikh Family and my father could well foresee the risk of declension of Sikh youth that was looming large back in the 90’s, so his wise decision to send me to Akal Academy was more of a protective measure; a measure that unfolded into a life changing turning point in my life.

At Akal Academy, just in the initial days, I realized that I was weak at Academics, but the confidence and the devotion that the teachers showed in each and every student, gradually kept building up my confidence in the subsequent years of my schooling. One of the most learned teachers, I found a great support in Mr.Rakesh Kumar who taught us Physics – I am hopeful he is still teaching. He provided a tremendous mental and academic support to me, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been a person I am today. I wish to take a moment here through this testimonial and give my special regards and say thanks to him from the bottom of my heart.

The school also brought forth my sporting side, I remember and cherish the enjoyable and enthralling memories of being the Captain of our Academy’s Senior Football Team and also winning the 2nd position in Sprint during the games at the Zonal meet. I feel as if a part of my soul still belongs to that playground.

Post my schooling, I went to Australia for Higher Studies, but unfortunately had to return due to family problems back home; my family needed my support, hence I decided to return. And with God’s grace soon after completing my studies here I received a great job position with Ernst & Young at Delhi. Currently, the goal of my career is to clear the PCS exam with good score so I can secure the position of an SDM now, which would be my first step on the ladder of becoming a DC in the later years of my career – my dream.

For the society, especially in the rural area, though the Akal Academies are doing an excellent job in almost all regions of North India, but, I feel that there is a need of more Educational Institutes post schools; the options post schooling are scarce, there should be more of Engineering, Medical and Vocational Colleges around, where the students can approach to receive career guidance, support and direction after schooling, so that their careers can be secured.

Rest, for the fellow students, I would like to say that ‘Always be yourself, because you are unique, so identify your uniqueness and work hard towards bringing it forth and fueling it. Keep Faith in God. With that, I, Rashpinder Singh, pay my dearest regards to my great school.Signing off with the unforgettable memories, timeless experiences, those moments with friends, teachers & much more – that will always stay alive in my heart and keep me going.

Rashpinder Singh
Design Engineer – Ernst & Young.