Here is a story of an alumni of Akal Academy Baru Sahib whose interest made him different from all others. Born in a farmer’s family of village Nanansu, Patiala, Jagatjot had no ordinary dreams. He completed his schooling from Akal Academy Balbehra, till high school. The high thinking chap had big aspirations to become a ‘politician’. He had vast interest in politics and wanted to serve the society.

He always dreamt of Saving Punjab from the deadly menace of Drugs and wanted to get into politics so that he could take a steps to eradicate the major problem of ‘Drug Addiction’ from its very roots. After completing his 12th from Akal Academy, Baru Sahib he pursued BBA from Khalsa College which is one of the best in Amritsar.

It was his deep interest in ‘Politics’ due to which he did not study further. Jagat wanted to become a successful politician. Without indulging in wrong deeds and corruption, He always believed that his hard work along with his father’s blessings which could help him change the Future of Punjab.

And finally today the boy who grew up with his big aspirations is a step closer to his dream field. He is appointed as an incharge of SOI (Students organisation of India, Punjab).

Dragging his goal closer to himself. He narrates some of his memorable experience at Baru Sahib:

“Baru Sahib is a great institution to be in. The way it has polished me with spiritual values has helped me construct myself spiritually. The place is the heaven on Earth. We came to know the real meaning of the entire world and they also helped me build my confidence towards my goals in life.”

“And I know I am not very far away from it. I salute Baba Iqbal Singh ji for serving humanity by making miracles exist in real life.”

So, Jagatjot Singh today is a proud alumni of Baru Sahib and a challenging , admiring and inspiring jewel of Akal Academy.

~ Jagpal Singh