Born in Mandi Gobindgarh, district Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, Pawanjot, an alumni of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib was the youngest among the five siblings. Despite of having a small business, his father always dreamt of educating his children in a well reputed school. Since he belonged to a low income group, he was also offered a fees concession from the academy.

Pawanjot was sent to Baru Sahib in nursery. Like every child ,he too was naturally gifted with a unique talent. He had a capability to easily impress the students and teachers with his brilliant magic of creativity on a paper. As, time passed ,his talent progressed & evolved into an extraordinary art.

The dream of becoming a professional artist in the future reflected in his every single stroke. After completing his schooling , he pursued his B.F.A from the Govt. College of Art. Although the entrances exams were a tough nut to crack, but nothing could challenge the unwavering spirit of this boy who was determined to succeed in life.

No one from his family believed in his aspiring thoughts or his exceptional talent. They were worried that his chosen profession wouldn’t be able to fetch good enough income for his future. It is generally seen that challenges lead to a wavering mind but here was a young man who crossed every hurdle and gained strength because of the spiritual values imbibed.

He decided to chose a more respectable profession after considering the situation of his family. He aimed of becoming a Business Entrepreneur’. Despite of many struggles his mind was always etched to his ambitions in life. He pursued B.B.A from Guru Granth Sahib University and was offered a sponsorship from Mata Sundri College.

Today, Pawan is all set to become a ‘Business Entrepreneur’ and is on his platform to serve his family. He has also been selected in different companies and is just on the way to fly this way to success.

Pawan reminiscences-

“I feel lucky to have spent the most precious phase of my life at Baru Sahib and whatever the teachers enriched me with is what I will carry with myself for lifetime. Wherever I go, Whatever I interact with the world, my personality and conversations are a reflection of the divine teachings of Baba ji.

The educational and spiritual values ingrained in me are have made me so capable and confident to face the world.

‘Talent is an inbuilt gift given by God, but to change it in your profession, it requires positive circumstances and hard work’ & this was beautifully proved by Pawan.

~ Jagpal Singh