Born in a farmer’s family in village Udai Karanpur, Pilibhit, Pardeep Singh was the youngest amongst five siblings. His father was quite firm about his youngest son making it big in the education field and he decided to send Pardeep Singh to Akal Academy Baru Sahib at a late stage of class XIth.

As usual, the first six months in the school did not suit him well but after some time he began to understand and enjoy the secret of happiness in the Divine Valley. After completing his XIIth from Baru Sahib, Pardeep had a long way to travel in his insights. He was much excited to step into the Navy ultimately which was his ambition.

To satisfy his aspirations he went to Pondicherry to pursue his Marine Studies. There he cleared the Deck cadet course of fire-fighting, elementary first aid and OTF (Oil Tanker Fertilisation). And Pardeep Singh started sailing wild waters on ships across countries like Iran, Dubai, Iraq, Somalia and Moscow.

But as circumstances unfolded for Pardeep, unforeseen challenges kept coming at him. But he stood like a wall. He suffered an injury of shoulder dislocation that became an impediment to his career. Ultimately, the injury prevailed and Pardeep had to leave the job. Undeterred by his fate, Pardeep joined BBA from Springdale College in U.P. Thereafter, he went to Australia to continue with his MBA and later to start his own construction company called M & K Concreting Services.

But fate had something else in store for him. His parents fell sick and needed him. Pardeep recalls “Parents come second after God.I would rather drop my project and come back to India to be with them”. Now, he is a private investor in the share market and a successful human being.

He had some proud words to say about the institution “The Baru Sahib experience is great. The influence of those two eventful years that I spent there changed my life. It‘s second name is heaven. Thank you! Gurmeet Ma’am, my favourite teacher and other teachers too and Baru Sahib the valley of divine peace”.

-Jagpal Singh