Kirat Pal was shattered when he lost his father Jagseer Sandhu in a road accident in 2003. The young man stared at a vacuum that he did not know how to fill. He found a strong moral support in his mother, Gulwant Sandhu who retired as a teacher and his younger sister.

Kirat Pal Singh is one of the shining stars of Akal Academy, Bhadaur who has cleared the obstacles of life to climb the ladder of success. Born and brought up in the rural surroundings of Bhadaur village

After completing his 12th from the academy in Science stream, he decided to pursue higher studies.
Kirat Pal Singh sought admission abroad and cleared his entry to Swinburne University in Melbourne , Australia to pursue mechanical engineering.

As usual hard work pays you back, whatever you dream whatever you desire.

Kirat Pal is today is a project manager in the well-known CSR Limited, Melbourne , Australia.

Kirat Pal feels that with the blessings of Almighty he too cracked the obstacles to reach his destiny.

Kirat Pal reminiscences “

It is all because of that place today I feel success in my hands. When I very first went to the Academy I felt it so embarrassing that we were strictly told to wear dastars (Turban) and do simran (prayers). But today settled in Australia I feel that was all worth it.”

He further adds “My academy had made me so capable that I competed with these students abroad and cracked my mechanical engineering exam.

I proudly say there is no other institution like this in the entire world. And I salute honourable Baba Iqbal Singh ji to have begun this project to clean the young blood and flourishing the plant of Sikhism.”

“Today, even I see boys and girls here are drug addicts and their life is spoiled but I proudly say I am not one of them because my institution gave me such an environment that I hear i voice of saying no to drugs inside me.
In my humble way of saying.

Thank you Akal Academy Bhadaur for what you made me achieve!”

~ Jagpal Singh