An Alumnus of Akal Academy – Muktsar, I am Nimerjit Kaur from the town of Muktsar. I am an Entrepreneur and run my own Fashion House under the banner – The Paisley Couture. My love for creativity is derived from my Father who is a Photographer by profession. For my schooling I went to Akal Academy in Muktsar, which I joined in the year 1993, at the time when the school had just begun with its operations. As a kid, inspired from a working mother (a teacher at Akal Academy), I grew up being an observer , having all the time in the world to stay absorbed in my own world of fascinations.

I completed my schooling upto class 10th from Akal Academy Muktsar in year 2005 and thereafter I was admitted to Little Flower Convent School for my +2 for higher secondary education was not available at the Muktsar Academy at that time. Post School, I did my Graduation in Arts, after which I pursued my M.A in English from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

The school infused an unusual dynamism into me, which gave wings to my imagination and my dreams. I got, from school, exactly what my life required – my language skills, proficiency, reading and writing skills and every bit of confidence instilled into me is credited to my Akal Academy. I am also grateful that the academy also nurtured my spiritual side, bringing me close to my religion through inculcation of habit of doing Nitnem-Paath.

With the kind grace of God, post completing my masters, I also received a Job offer from ‘The Touch Stone’ company, at their centre in Chandigarh to work as a language skill trainer. But I was certain about being independent and starting my own fashion house. My Fashion House cum Boutique – ‘The Paisley Couture’ offers customized tailoring and fashion services to both local and international audiences, our exclusive customized services are available for the world audience through our facebook fan page.

For whatever I have done so far, for whatever I am today and whatever I will get in future, there will always be a lot that I will owe to my school. I feel that the blessings of all the teachers and their teachings stand-by me at every step in my life, giving me the much required confidence and support I need. I deeply desire to establish myself as a Fashion Designer and take my brand to the international markets.

I have a heartfelt wish that I see my town Muktsar develop with great progression like Chandigarh. I feel that on the education front, a lot of improvement and development has happened over the past decade, especially with the efforts institutions like Akal Academy, but in general I feel Muktsar awaits to see a lot of development on all other fronts. With changing Govts. & evolving youth, which is both educated and smart, I am hopeful that Muktsar city will soon see transformation and be at par with the standards that of the metro cities.

For students and parents of my native town and other regions, I would like to say that in today’s time it is very critical for the parents to support their children’s education; they should let their kids live their dreams – for which education is a must. On the other hand, students should let their minds soar free of any limitations, so that they can derive the ability to think out of the box, which is highly important and the only USP in today’s competitive environment. My wishes and regards to everyone at the Academy.

Nimerjit Kaur
Founder – The Paisley Couture.