The journey of my education started right from my village, I was admitted to a local village school at our native place Bhai Rupa Pind where I spent 2 years up till my 1st standard, post which my parents realized the need of better schooling for me; luckily my grandmother’s brother  (mamaji), during those times, was in association with Baru Sahib being an active member working with the Kalgidhar Trust organization. Through his joint efforts with the Baru Sahib team, they managed to bring up an Akal Academy at village Bhadaur.

So my dad’s Mamaji suggested my father, who was already mulling over available options, to switch my school to Akal Academy Baru Sahib. That decision, that my family took at that point, turned out to be the most crucial decision and turning point of my life. The school, its schooling, the teachers and the dual academic and spiritual foundation it has provided me, undoubtedly has no comparison. The school didn’t just polish me into an independent and successful individual but also brought me close to my heritage and faith.

I did my schooling up till class 10th from Akal Academy Bhadaur and thereafter took transfer to the Baru Sahib branch for my +2, the experience of which was truly purifying for mind and soul. Post my school, I smoothly got into NIT(National Institute of Technology) from where I pursued my B.Tech in Computer Science, post which, with the blessings of Almighty and Baru Sahib, I got my first Job Offer from Sapient Nitro.

In my family, I have a younger sister also, and we feel proud and fortunate that she has also got the opportunity to get her education from Akal Academy; there cannot be a more secure and safer place than the Baru Sahib’s Akal Academy which provides quality and values-based education system uniquely knitted with the spiritual element.

Mr. Amarjit Singh, our physics teacher, was one person who I admire and has been a great inspiration ever since. Having worked in a dynamic work environment in his career, he had great experience of the outside world that he would often share with the students. The school also provided great facilities of extra curricular and sports activities; I was a Basketball lover and a bhangra enthusiast, I played several matches during school and also represented my college at Inter-College level and also remained caption for Bhangra Team.

Currently, I plan to gain some more work experience at my company after which I would be preparing for my masters, probably from abroad. For students and children of my native village, I would wish to say that do keep yourself in sync with the outside world and people to prepare yourself for moving into the real world environment after you finish your academic life. You are fortunate to have the best faculty, the best mentors and guides at Akal Academy, so do take full advantage of them all to enhance your abilities and, last but the foremost, always follow your heart and your dreams. All the Best!

Wishes and His Graces.

Amandeep Singh
Software Developer – Sapient Nitro, Gurgaon