My SatSriAkal to everyone connected to Baru Sahib. I am Harjeet Kaur Sekhon from Muktsar, I am an alumnus of the Mukstar Akal Academy batch 2003. I hail from a family of ‘Zamindaars’ in Mukstar, my father, besides being a ‘Zamindaar’ is also a Revenue Inspector at the Muktsar Village whereas my mother is a house-maker.

Through this letter, I wish to convey my thankful regards to my Akal Academy, the school that has made a beautiful difference to my life, providing me a platform for success and mantra of having a smooth life. Most of my traits, abilities, perspectives and even my career in Dentistry – I’ve acquired it all through the blessings of Baru Sahib and the Divine Akal Academy.

My schooling began at a convent school in Muktsar, where I studied up till 2nd standard until my parents began to form an interest to send me to Akal Academy, Baru Sahib for the rest of my schooling. They had visited the place to find out the details and were totally swayed away by the working module and the discipline they observed at the Akal Academy. To me, like most of the children, this idea of leaving the home for schooling brought a lot of uneasiness to my mind. But then, such was the Grace of Almighty on my life that during the same time, the news of an Akal Academy coming up in Muktsar came in! And in no time, much to my relief and happiness, I was admitted at the new Akal Academy in Muktsar itself.

From this point, the things just went smooth and interesting all the way. Being a student of this exclusively styled academy was like stepping into a really different and a new way of my life – a life, an experience, of which I would’ve otherwise been devoid of completely.

The school, besides providing us with a great bouquet of education at the rural level, gave us a strong spiritual platform alongside fostering human values into us through the knowledge of such solid fundamentals of life and spirituality, which normally people get to learn only in their 50s (post facing numerous highs and lows in their lives). Luckily, for us, we received that stability, and balance of mind at the right time.

The confidence they infused into the rural youth, the power of communication they instilled, the solid-raw foundation concreted with spirituality and the all-round development that they’ve given us; it all would’ve not been available elsewhere. It’s a great triangular platform of Wonderful Academics, Spirituality and Extra-curricular activities that exists at the Akal Academy.

The great of all gifts, is the gift of bringing ‘Nitnem’ into the lives of us students. It feels great and a lot convenient to realize how they made us practice & learn it all by heart, especially when I see people finding it difficult to ‘Kanth’ the ‘Paath’.

Post my schooling I took the CPMT (Combined Pre Medical Test) and got into pursuing my degree in BD from Divya Jyoti Institute of Surgery and Research in the year 2004, which I successfully completed in 2008-09 with distinction in all my subject – which all is credited to the discipline and principles that my Akal Academy fostered into me and made me learn to live by.

In 2010 I prepared for my masters and also for TOEFL and GMAT from Delhi. Post successful completion of my Masters, with the Grace of God and blessings of my school, I got placement at the Divya Jyoti Hospital, Modinagar, Delhi.

To the people of my native town, I wish to appeal that – do bring forward your girl child, give them the privilege of good education and keep faith & confidence in them for they are no less capable than sons; if given support, they can bring prosperity, support and pride to the family. Hence, invest in the education of your children rather than blindly investing in land and property for the sole purpose of building wealth, for wealth alone will not enable them to connect to the actual world.

Wishes and Regards,
Harjeet Kaur Sekhon
Senior Resident – Dentist
(Divya Jyoti Hospital, Modinagar, UP)