It has been three long years since I passed my 12th from Akal Academy Gomti in Uttar Pradesh. It transformed my life and the glory and morals of that place are still shining within me. The memories are still in my heart as it was the most magnificent time of my career and life.

My name is Ravinder Singh. I belong to a small village named Barohi in district Puranpur, Uttar Pradesh.
The day I joined the Akal Academy was the most fortunate day of my life. Each day, I would get up in the morning, get ready and leave for school. On my way, I would see my father working hard in the farms in such hot sun. And he would wave me goodbye wiping the sweat from his forehead and giving me a smile despite the struggles he was bearing. And he was doing all this for my easy future. Meanwhile, in school I would think about my father’s health and his hardships. By remembering his tired face I felt pity for him. I wanted to grow up really soon so that I could help him and improve these severe situations of financial instability.
Akal Academy Gomti has helped me enshrine and enlighten my spiritual and divine values. I remember a quote said by Shiromani Panth Rattan Baba Iqbal Singh Ji:-“Simple Living and High Thinking.”

That quote inspired me and enlightened the correct path to me. It made me think that how great is it to serve humanity selflessly rather than competing in the materialistic race to earn more money than others. Money was not what I wanted in my life. I wanted happiness and end to the struggles of my father and my mother. Although, he worked all day long and earned a very minimal amount of money. Still, my father insisted me to pursue my further studies in B.Com from Swami Educational College in Puranpur.

After I completed my B.Com. I closed my eyes and questioned myself what I really desired from my life. With all the meditation I learned from Akal Academy. Finally, I got my answer and it was be a helping hand to my parents. Since childhood I desired my father to rest and quit farming under the hot cursing sun. I wanted to give him all the luxuries of life. And Akal Academy brought success to my ideas. So, today my father does not have a need to plow the farms and harvest crops in the burning sun. He does not have to work all day long. There is a different person who does the same job, and that different person is me. They worked hard to give me a good life, now I am working hard to give them a good life. I am happy and satisfied from my goals of life, so are my parents. I am thankful to Akal Academy for making me this capable.

‘Success is not always about earning a handsome amount of money, I may remind you happiness is something which is priceless!

‘My life was decorated with values at Akal Academy’- Mandeep Singh Bisla

I pay a huge thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Akal Academy Gomti. It polished my spiritual values and divine qualities, by the grace of which I am on the right path of success today.