Akal Academy -These institutions constantly give us toppers of many all India competitive exams. Their alumni are not just doing well in academic fields but they exhibit exceptional academic, moral, sportive and social skills. They get shaped into good global citizens with values rooted in them.

In this modern world where everyone is running into the money-making race and cramming information into the young minds on the name of education. Aspects like moral values and value-based education are missing from our education system. In these situations, a chain of rural schools set up by The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib is serving students not only with quality education but imbibe them with moral values.

One such example is Anmoldeep Singh, residing in the poverty-ridden areas of rural Patiala. Whereas there was little hope of education or job for him, Akal Academy Reeth Kheri provided him the light of hope to brighten his present and future. Anmoldeep Singh grew up in a society where expecting quality education was near to impossible. Also, the financial status of his family was not so good that they could provide him an education at some expensive public schools. In those crucial situations, Akal Academy Reeth Kheri served as a lighthouse that provided him this much-needed education despite being situated in a far-flung rural area.

Anmoldeep studied in Akal Academy from nursery to class 12 th and learned everything from spiritual values to practical knowledge, from sports to English speaking. He scored 95% in class 12 th that too without any tuition.

Anmoldeep says “Akal Academy molded my future. They transformed my thinking and my personality. I have learned everything from there. The teachers are so supportive there that they cleared all my doubts individually. They made me determined and focused in my studies. I became disciplined and learned how to be a good human being.”Benefitted by the same value based education of Akal Academy Reeth Kheri, Anmoldeep Singh has cracked C.A foundation exam and secured the All India Rank 9.

He says “I got so determined and focused towards studies while studying in Akal Academy”. He pays his gratitude by saying “Without studying in this prestigious institute I wouldn’t have cracked a tough exam of this level. If today I have acquired 9 th rank in C.A foundation exam, it is only because my base of
education was held strong at Akal Academy. Not only in academics but I got moral values from there.”

Education is the key of development of our nation. These schools not only educate rural students but also prepare them for competitive exams which will take them ahead in life. And which will make them capable of improving the poverty ridden situations of their families. These schools hold the promise of a different life to every rural family. A sophomore discovers inner peace and happiness.Akal Academies map the child’s heart to create an enabler that spreads love, compassion and humanity. These schools or shrines of education nurture and attract the simplest and most deprived human talent and open a window to science, art, and elevated thinking. Their alumni are outstanding yet absorbed with the concept of ‘Simple living high thinking’.

By continuing the list of our inimitable achievers and topper. We are immensely proud that we have more names to add to this list year after year.
1. Anmoldeepsingh – All India Rank 9 in C.A (Chartered Accountants) foundation exam
2. Navdeep Singh – All India Rank 1 NEET 2017 (The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-UG)
3. Yuvraj Singh – A.I.R. 18 NDA (National Defence Academy)
4. Karandeep Singh – A.I.R. 30 NDA 2013 (National Defence Academy)
5. Sahil Jindal – IIT – JEE I.R. 67th
6. Gursharan Singh – IIT I.R. 127th
7. Shivinder Singh – Lieutenant Commander in Sikkim, Indian Army
8.Gurinder Singh Khaira – VP at Morgan Stanley
9. ParupkarSingh – D.S.P in Kashmir Police
10. Ramandeep Singh- 19 th rank in India in NEET-PG

Thus, the need of the hour is to create equilibrium between the modern scientific education and moral values, which some educationists call value-based education which has been provide by Akal Academy.

If you are looking to make a good human material out of your child, and yet make him/her succeed in this cut-throat competitive world, you might want to send your kid to Akal Academy, a chain of 129 schools across rural areas of five northern states of India.

The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib a non-profit organization, under the guidance of Baba Iqbal Singh, Retd. Director of Agriculture, Himachal Pradesh has managed to intervene at the rural nerve points with quality value-based education as a weapon to fight drugs with books. This commendable change in the
rural areas is like a dream coming true with the help of a chain of 129 Akal Academies across Punjab,Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh and two Private Universities.

Learning is worth only when it is capable of changing our lives.’ And Akal Academies are turning these words and thousands of dreams into reality.