Everything in life happens for a reason, God awakens the inner soul during obstacles in life. And the one who understands knows that rowing the boat in the right direction to reach the destiny is in the hands of the sailor.

Navdeep singh was born and brought up in Bangalore. His father had seen a light on his face and like every other father he too dreamt of his son’s success. To begin with his education he was sent to Air Force school in Bangalore. It was a fresh start and the time to be innovative.

After the school time, he would look at the sight of aeroplanes landing and taking off in the nearby airport. This sight created a spark in his mind. He was in love with the planes. This excitement ignited his ambition to become a pilot in future. His father supported his big dreams.

After he completed his 8th standard from Bangalore, his father had decided to send Navdeep to Baru Sahib. He was very happy to be at a place which had a spiritual aura of divine peace. He worked hard day by day. His good grades in exams were a reflection to his hard work. The chap was ready to shoot the arrow in the sky.

School Life had taught him a lot and now it was time to step into the world of competition. To give shape to his goals he decided to pursue civil engineering at Gopalan College of Engineering, Bangalore .


‘Everyone dreams of success but real heroes make it happen.’

~ Jagpal Singh