Virender Kaur, an alumnus of Akal Academy Gomti had undergone a lot of dark patches in life but she did not let her boat of success drown. She belonged to a small village in Puranpur district, U.P., born as a farmer’s daughter.

As the child grew up it was time for her to start her education. Virender Kaur was brought to Ved Krishna Public school in Puranpur. Virender was a bright student with high intellect. Her parents decided to send her to Akal Academy Gomti to pursue her 11th and 12th. The school had a good reputation in the area as it was the best one in the region known for its quality based education.

It was great transformation for her to shift in an environment of spirituality. The school dress was different as it was a sign of ‘simplicity’. The advanced technology would help the students to be up to date with the modern world and yet to be grounded. Her passion for art was polished in the academy with appropriate guidance & direction given by the teachers.

It was indeed a very satisfactory experience for her at the academy. For further studies, she went to Swami Educational Complex Mahavidhalaya in Puranpur to pursue her B.Com. Her passion for art kept surfacing her mind. Art was a outlet for her to express her feelings of happiness. Her inner voice motivated her to excel in the field.

Today, Virender Kaur is posted as an Art and Craft teacher at Akal Academy Gomti and is in the third year of her B. Com study. The global citizen is likely to take a secondary step to become a professional artist.

‘Life is full of hopes, but the difference is the people who are committed to it only see them.’