SatSriAkal…I am Amandeep Kaur from village Sandhu Kalan District Barnala Tehsil Tappa. I completed my schooling from UKG to +2 from Akal Academy Bhadaur where I got admitted soon after it was established in the year 1996.

After Physiotherapy I joined AIMSR – Adesh Institute of Science and Technology, Bhatinda from where I pursued my Bachelors in Physiotherapy which is a 4 ½ year course. Post finishing my Bachelors I am now doing my Masters on the same subject. I am currently in the 3rd semester of my 2 years programs at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

My Father was in Army, he expired when I was in 8th Standard, and my mother is a housewife, I also have 2 brothers. My ‘Chacha Ji’ has been the pillar of support for our family all throughout, because of him our family never had to face any difficulty of any financial issues all through the years of my schooling, he is helping us in every way possible.

The experience at school was good, we were having link with Gurdwara and Gurbani which increased our knowledge, we were the only ones who were involved with Gurbani – as in the students at the Akal Academies are the only ones connected this way. We don’t get this anywhere else I feel. Even two of my batch-mates at the college are from Akal Academies, they have studied at Akal Academy Muktsar.

After doing my masters I would be applying for the role of Lecturer for the Bachelor’s Students alongside pursuing my PHD.

Amongst my favorites at school were Principal Ma’am Kamalpreet Kaur and Balwinder Ma’am, Primary Teacher, they are very inspiring and mentored us. My entire family background is connected to Baru Sahib – as in everyone in my family is studying in Akal Academies.

For the Academies I have to say that though we were fortunate enough to have had visited Baru Sahib many a times but I feel students of all the Akal Academies must be taken there regularly – to show them and let them experience the environment of the place, especially the Gurdwara in the morning and evening time which are such peaceful and nice moments – both spectacular and a learning experience.

Satnam Sri Waheguru.

Warm Regards
Amandeep Kaur Sandhu