Music is the essence of our soul. It is the ancient form of divine communication with God. Especially ancient string Music leads the way to Almighty God. That’s why The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib kept this burning fire alive in the heart of their students.

Where words fail to speak, divine music always finds the way to express. Music is preached and practiced by great saints. Baru Sahib is one such institution which lays the strong foundation of this element of music along with the academic excellence in studies.

Akal Academy, Baru Sahib is not only an educational institution. It also renders elements of music, sports, value-based education, spirituality, bani kirtan, self-discovery, morality, peace, learning of music with ancient strings and modern music. It renders the golden space for students to discover their unknown and undiscovered passions.

Our student Avtar Singh Gill is veritably inspired by the essence of music he felt at Baru Sahib. Mainly in morning prayers, music classes, reciting divine hymns, and learning of musical instruments work as spiritual rejuvenation for him. He discovered his true devotion through this prodigious experience. He felt inclined towards the aspects of music more than science lessons.

His parents took notice that he underwent a tremendous change while studying at Baru Sahib. He is now at peace and dedicated towards his goal. Earlier he was very naughty, chaotic, unsettled, weak in academic studies, perplexed and notorious. Now comparatively, he is at peace, settled with his thoughts, sorted, determined towards his passion and also doing great job in the music field.

He describes how Baru Sahib gave wings to his aspirations in simple words “. If this institution had not given him the opportunity to discover his interest in music, he would have gone astray.”

Baru Sahib proffers a variety of extracurricular activities which lends the occasion to help the students to figure out their interests. It aims at finding the inner peace which keeps them devoted and aligned.

Avtar Singh Gill has profoundly found his passion at Baru Sahib. He is splendidly pursuing music as his career and grants the whole credit to Baru Sahib. He is grateful to this institution for making him follow the right path.

Presently, he is flying the plane of his ambitions. He is pursuing his graduation in music B.A Music from Khalsa College, Patiala. He is equally staunch to the divinity values he got from there. Baru Sahib gave shape to his life. From being a below average student in studies he is now an excellent student of music.

Akal Academy, Baru Sahib offers a variety of courses and activities, by living in the serene lap of nature. It provides success, mental peace, and spiritual values.

“Follow your passions eventually, success will follow you!”