Not everyone is born with privileges, some people have to work hard to acquire their part of the fruit. India has a literacy rate of 74% and the subdivision is worst in rural areas. As they are deprived mouths starving for the juice of success from the fruits of quality education, proper facilities, and knowledge.

The Kalgidhar Society,  Baru Sahib is one such tremendous institution which provides educational nutrition to the growing plants of children of rural areas. This accomplished institution proves to be a blessing to mankind. It provides value-based education to around 70,000 children in rural areas through 129 low-cost schools called Akal Academies.

The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib strives at making many rural and ordinary lives worth. It aims at extracting the rural children from the pit of their hardships and rendering them a brighter future. Our student Arshpreet Singh feels honored and grateful in being a part of such serene educational institute.

Arshpreet Singh always aspired to be an Engineer because of his great interest in machines. It seemed impossible by the misfortunate conditions of the family, dearth of opportunities in Bhadaur, Punjab. But with God’s grace when he got the opportunity to study in Baru Sahib, his dreams got wings.

He says: – ‘While pursuing my schooling at Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, I feel truly devoted because of the spiritual environment along with quality education. The values given by Baba Iqbal Singh Ji became ethics of my life. The inner peace I found there is exquisite and it only kept me aligned towards my goal.’

Further, his parents say ‘“We are sincerely gratified by the ‘Sikhi swaroop’ he has incurred and preserved until now. Comparatively, other boys of his age are adulterated by bad influences of drugs, trimming beards and not guarding their hair. It is a matter of profound  pride for us. Sending our children to Baru Sahib granted us excellent upbringing, values, morals and illuminated their future in this spoiled era of drugs and values abuse.”

After completing his schooling from the Divine Valley of Peace, Arshpreet Singh totally metamorphosed into a shining star. He became more determined towards his goal and attained all the divine values with the academic excellence.

Now, he is seeking to attain his goals and pursuing his B. Tech in Chandigarh Group of colleges, Landran. We are sure the teachings of Baru Sahib and the divine guidance will always lead him to right road in his life. He and his family pay heartfelt gratitude to this celestial institution. “I know my roots and I cannot forget the journey I made”- Arshpreet Singh