Great values are built on strong morals foundations. People become great when they allow these values to take root within their souls and live by them.

An inspiring story of our alumnus Sukhveer Kaur – from Niranjanpur to Canada.

Life comes with the label of Uncertainty to each one of us.  Not everyone has an easy life with all the facilities on their shore. People have to chase their dreams. And this tussle is much harder when it comes to rural sites. Along with their unfulfilled dreams they have the inadequacy of proper opportunities and facilities. In these severe conditions, Akal Academy managed by Kalgidhar Trust serves as a helping hand to thousands of children. It pulls them from the dark wells of rural life and dispenses them the right opportunity to light their future.

Belonging to a small place at Kajri, Niranjanpur in U.P. Trapped in the unprivileged circumstances of rural life, SUKHVEER KAUR was a Girl with big dreams in her eyes. Apparently, she was a boat without a destination. She wanted to become a Doctor but the inadequacy of facilities often dragged her down. Finally she came across  a shore while drowning in the water with no hopes of enlightenment and knowledge. Akal Academy Kajri served as a destination to her success..

Along with education, her roots of Sikhi became stronger and firmer each passing day. She flourished as an independent women in Akal Academy, Baru Sahib. Her Gursikh Saroop is the best thing which signifies her devotion to Sikhism . She started adorning Turban at Baru Sahib. It gives a sense of immense power, pride and empowerment to her.

So, she did her schooling from Akal Academy, Baru Sahib. Further, she did her bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.Ds) from MTU, Moradabad, U.P.

In her verbatim:-

“I am proud of what I am today. This is only possible because of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib. I cannot express how that celestial educational institution paved the way to transform me and making me capable of being a Doctor.

The turban I adorn till today in abroad gives me immense power. That turban enlightens me and makes me feel that my Almighty is with me. It lends me a responsibility – a responsibility to represent India and Sikhism. And believe me, foreigners adore my style and I adore my devotion to Sikhism wherever i go.

I pay my heartfelt gratitude to Akal Academy, Baru Sahib for mending me into a good human being, with values and knowledge. I got all this from Akal Academy. I got sincerely inspired by the teachings of Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, who always said: “Sewa karat hoye nehkami tis ko hoth parapat swami – One who performs Seva, without seeking the reward, shall attain his Lord and Master.” That’s why I became a Dentist, for serving people like Akal Academy is gracefully doing over years.

These lessons of Sikhism kept me aligned with my goal. I pay the credits of my success to all the teachings of Sikhism I got at Baru Sahib. It granted me inner peace, worldly success, devotion to my Lord and obedience towards my parents.”

The values she got from Baru Sahib kept her resolute towards her goal. So, she went to Canada for higher studies. With the grace of God and endeavors of Akal Academy, she is working as a Dentist at a private hospital in Canada. She is still in her ‘Sikhi Swaroop’ and is following the pathway of Sikhism proudly.

‘Your branches can only reach high if your roots grow deep.’

-Gursanjam Kaur, New Delhi