A rural girl student of village Gomti’s Akal Academy received title of BAL RATAN 2013 at an exclusive district level inter-school competition held at Pushp Institute, Pilibhit, UP, which marked the final ceremony for the “BAL RATAN Hunt 2013”, an event organized by “Kabir Shanti Mission” every year.


Gurpreet Kaur , a class 12th student of Akal Academy Gomti, alongside 2 more students from the Academy viz. Mahaveer Singh & Ashish Kumar registered a forceful presence at the event for the institute, competing with full gusto, facing fierce competition amongst equally talented participants from some of the top-notch schools of the district, like C.L.V.P Sarasvati Vidya Mandir, Shishu Bihar Inter-college, etc.

“Kabir Peace Mission”, an organization that seeks to develop positive thinking amongst students & youth by aspiring children with teaching of Saint Kabir to make them good citizens, organizes “BAL Ratan Khoj” every year to hunt for the brightest of the students to support & inspire them for a better future.

The ‘mission’ selects several schools from a particular district & holds an Essay writing competition to select participants for the competition, where the winners are invited to compete at district level, where they undergo a General Knowledge Test in the 2nd round. Then on the basis of merit 11 students are short listed for the final event, where all the finalists are provided topics to debate upon & give their speeches.

Out of the top 11 finalists, spots 1, 4 & 6 were acquired by our Akal Acade my Students by Gurpreet Kaur(1), Mahaveer Singh(4) & Ashish Kumar for the final debate. After a round of copious debate & majestic speech performances by the supremos, the selectors had a tough time rating the performances for the top 3 BAL RATANS of 2013; after giving a mindful consideration & taking up a fair amount of time, the verdict was given – Akal Academy’s Gurpreet was awarded 2nd position while C.L.V.P Sarasvati Vidya Mandir’s Amit Raj Singh won the 1st position with marginal difference wherein Shishu Bihar Inter-College Bilaspur’s Rohit Shankar settled 3rd.

Gurpreet Kaur, being the only female amongst the awarded winners, stole the show with her impressive & powerful speech; her joy knew no bounds as she also got an opportunity to be photographed alongside Chief Guest Mr. Gangwar, President Nagar Nigam, Pilibhit & the selection Board.

A beaming Principal Mrs. Rangbeer Kaur said “Kudos to Gurpreet Kaur & other students for bringing honor to the name of the Academy at an event of such repute & esteem”!

~Ramandeep Singh
~New Delhi, 30th Sep’13