A mock fire and evacuation drill involving students and fire fighters was conducted by Akal Academy Kajri to create awareness among the student community of fire fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situation. Prior to the commencement of the exercise, the students and teachers were split into various teams including fire alarm, search and rescue, evacuation, site safety, transportation and media management teams to carry out the mock drill. A group of fire fighters comprising of students led by Disaster Management head, Mr. Harpal Singh, armed with necessary paraphernalia required for fire fighting and rescue operations positioned themselves at vantage points to guide and assist the students in the mock fire and evacuation drill. The “evacuation” operation began moments after the fire alarm team alerted the students about “fire” in the building. The students were immediately evacuated from their classrooms and asked to gather at the assembly area. Using the fire extinguishers, fire was immediately put out. Later Mr. Ashok Singh Guleria explained and demonstrated different improvised methods needed to rescue and evacuate people caught in such emergency situations besides explaining the ways to operate the fire extinguishers safely. Principal, Mrs. Simran Kaur Thind lauded the efforts of teachers and students who carried out this informative and well planned exercise. Mrs. Kulwinder Kaur, Mrs. Kanak Tripathi, Mr Phillip Xavier too contributed to conduct this group activity. ~ Deeksha Singh ~ New Delhi, 13th Aug '14