The year 1665 Occupies great importance in the history of Sikhism as Sri Guru Har Rai ji and Mother Krishan Kaur ji were blessed with a child equipped with divine powers. Guruji impressed everyone with his extraordinary wisdom, powers and Judgment and contributed a lot for the Sikhism.

Akal Academy Gomtipul, as usual celebrated the birthday of Guruji on July 23, 2014 with great religious fervor and gaiety. All possible efforts were made to help students gain maximum knowledge about the Sikhism.

Children from different classes presented different programmes highlighting the main events of Guruji’s life. Gurudwara Gomti was decorated with flowers of different class and fragrances. Clean and beautiful velvet clothes of different colours and designs and the beautiful paper work along with the scent of “Agarbatti’s” enhanced the splendor of Sri Palki Sahib and interiors of Darbar Sahib. Charting of “Slokas” from the holy Book Sri Guru Granth Sahib further added religious touch to the Celebrations.

The programme started with the recitation of Shabad “Sri Harkrishan Dhiaiyeby Komaljot Singh and others that highlighted the main incidents related with Guruji. Then was another recitationJo-Jo Deesai,So-So Rogi” also praised the various acts of benevolence of guruji.

Then Anchit Kaur of class IX delivered English Speech about the life and achievements of Guru ji. The poem recitation with actions “Shavein Talwara depresented by Japneet Kaur and Harleen Kaur presented different historical events in a very systematic, rhythmic and devotional manner. KaveeshriSikhi Toan Jo Dhulaey, Meri Maa Nahin Ho Sakdi” by Sumanpreet Kaur, Parwinder Kaur and Harsimran Kaur sang in praise of Gurus and Warriors.

A large gathering of students and a sizeable chunk of local devotees were present in Darbar Sahib. After the Programme one Sehaj Path Sahib’s Bhog Ceremony was observed.

As soon as the religious activities were over; the recitation of five pauris of Anand Sahib makred the end of the celebrations with ‘Ardas’ and holy Hukumnama was performed and the devotees were served with sweet ‘Karah Parshad’.

Principal Madam Smt.Pawan.K.Sahni appreciated the laudable efforts of the children and the staff members who made the programme a great success. She laid emphasis on the teachings of Guruji and inspired the students to feed pride in their rich heritage.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 25th July ’14