On Saturday 9th August, 2014 Akal Academy Bhadaur organized an “Inter House Heritage Bonanza Competition” for the students of 6th to 10th classes. It was conducted by Amul house and Social Science Department in the central corridor of the school. Competition was based on Model Making activity.

Two students from each class and each house participated in the competition. Different topics were assigned to the student participants according to their classes where the participants were supposed to make models on the topics given.

For class 6th the topic was Solar system while for class 7th it was Volcanoes. Class 8th faced the challenge of model making on Scrap on Natural Vegetation and wild life whereas 9th class participants were busy with Chart Making on Hitler. Rain Water Harvesting was the topic for 10th class student participants.

It was a spectacular vision to watch future generation at work with such concentration and enthusiasm. Their zest and zeal was worth praising! Beautiful models were made by these tiny creators. Their imaginations and the ideas of representation were amazing.

At last the student participants were asked questions based on their Models. Participants were well versed in that also. They knew each and every detail of the subject and answered all the questions with confidence.
Such activities organized across Akal Academies are one of the progressive steps taken towards the all round development of the students and are the need of today to make India one of the topmost developed country in the world!

Hail the efforts!

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 16th August ’14