To find an environment conducive of registering excellence in research through academic education, the Parents of Himachal will need to swoop their heads in Sirmaur District’s Baru Sahib. Here, the semester of excellent education is observed and a strong foundation of values, giving meaning to the lives of the students, can be witnessed.

Starting out of a small campaign, Baru Sahib today is such heritage of Social, National, Human, Cultural and Religious values where the childhood blooms and a youth’s mind becomes a symbolic image of talent emerging through the mirror of endless possibilities. Solidifying the relation of the service with the society, The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib is imbibing Human Values to around 5500 students in its lap and around 65,000 students studying in 129 Akal Academies across North India.

Education in the Valley of Baru SahibWe believe that if anyone in Himachal is looking for a way to polish the personality of their children, especially girls, then there is only one choice – Akal Academy, Baru Sahib. This is because – over here neither the curriculum frustrates nor do the classrooms frighten.

Following the discipline & life values derived from Indian Societies, one of the running schools follows CBSE Hindi Curriculum whereas another is an international level school representing International Baccalaureate (IB) module. The students of the schools defy all knowledge barriers at the 40,000+ books large library at the campus. Over here the curiosity does not remain limited to curriculum; available material covers a variety of subjects & topic related to various interests of the students from around the world. The students infuse life into the campus through their interest in Games and creativity in Music and Art.

Outside the schooling division, the student community floor discovers new skies every now and then through the Eternal University. The special thing is that the girls only B.Tech, Nursing & B.Ed Campuses represent the account of their dedication. The whole atmosphere turns into such family that entire Himachal feels proud about this educational institution. This is also because of the opportunities visible after education. Hypothesis is visible through the campus. Student Community, Teachers’ Division, Administration and all the Supporters together make strength of around 7000 people; a strong feeling of fraternity & oneness prevails amongst all.

Describing the picture of Social Harmony and Human Uplift, several messages and guiding principles compliment the entire environment. Himachal’s largest solar energy power plant creates a great impression with its presence whereas on the other hand several cities of Himachal gain vital knowledge from the water purification plant that is installed here. Miscellaneous dimensions are deployed in the practice of all-round development of the students. With arrangements better than any hostel in Himachal and high standards of food makes Baru Sahib’s Academic Environment Ranked at No.1. It can be said that in a private way, a Trust, absorbing into its cover the incomprehensibility of Sirmaur, has given birth to the piousness of Human Uplift. If such institutes are nurtured in all four directions of the nation, then, no doubt the youth will find the motive to progress and the path for it.

The irony is that Baru Sahib is teaching India the lesson of winning the world, but outside – the roads of Sirmaur are taking us towards extreme hopelessness. Can’t we even build good roads between Solan-Rajgarh to Baru Sahib or Naahan to Baru Sahib? Because of the goodness of such institutes, Himachal can very well have the branding of being a prosperous state, provided the government understands the importance of these things!

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