Today we are bringing to you the success story of an Aircraft Engineer belonging to village Cheema, Punjab, a man who now makes sure that a lot of us people fly safe out there.

So far he has served as an Aircraft Engineer  with two companies namely Pawan Helicoptor (Mumbai) & is currently working with Global Vectra HeliCorp Ltd. since last 6 months. He passed from Akal Academy in 2007 with flying colors and there is no looking back for him. Students like him are an inspiration!

Flight Safety is his Dream! Born in a typical farmer family, Sandeep Singh grew up in conditions no a typical from others at his village. In an exclusive interview with us we learnt about his journey from drug-ridden village atmosphere to his present day city life.  How he managed to reach the milestone where he is standing right now feeling all proud and content. He is working for a reputed helicopter making company as an Air-craft engineer, keeping a check on the maintenance of Air-Choppers ensuring flight safety.

Sandeep recalls about his childhood with his fascination about air-planes & helicopters he used to curiously watch like most of the kids, but revealed that it’s the gift of education that his grieved farmer father could barely afford amid financial crunch & family dispute over lands that still prevails.

“Everything connects like dots that somehow shaped up my affinity to aerial crafts into reality as a career at this point, from getting inclined towards schooling at Akal Academy luckily, staying clean off from the drug menace that kept most of the youth drained & wasted, to being able to explore my brain at school, getting enough marks,helped me in pursuing Aircraft maintenance at university in Patiala and help me shape my wings to fly ahead.” says, Sandeep,  developed a strong belief in his religion as he grew up with  Akal Academy, Cheema.

Some of the interesting things we came to know about Sandeep while talking to him.

Q) Tell us about your family & support?
A) If there is one person who motivated me all through and helped me with the missing motivation in me, is my father. Facing the similar situations like any other farmer about which you read in newspapers, my father never ever made me feel what he was going through. I know how he managed to afford my studies amidst the turmoil all around him. He is the same till now, doing good for others and keeping me away from the family disputes.

Q) How true are the reports about drug abuse they talk about in villages of Punjab?
A) It is a sad reality and can be seen very much prevalent even today. I find situation no better if not worse than before sinceI spend my  vacations with the family here in the village.Akal Academy till now is the only school I see in the village. Other than this there is no safe haven at the village levels even after all these years. Akal Academy is a blessing for all in my village for more reasons than one.

Q) Who have been your mentors/teachers or people who guided you to the right path?
A)  Like I said, my father has my life support and my school  principal Renu Goyal, who I think played a wonderful role in motivating students explicating importance & need of education & values had a deep impact on me.

Q) How different do you feel about yourself now, compared to life you saw & lived then?
A) I feel lucky to have been able to level up myself with education “Je pardey na te pind vich odan hi reh jaandey, baar di duniya na dekh sakni si, na pata lagna si kade kuch, mainu sab ton vaddi khusi ehi lagdi hai”

Q) What change do you wish to see or bring in the society, especially at village?
A) Awareness & understanding is lacking, one reason for which I feel we find lot of kids not taking up schools. Having spent time at village now,I realize that they know about education & its importance up to some extent,  thanks to media but the subtle problem I see is lack of guidance & awareness of opportunities after schooling. A lot of youth find no meaning in life after schooling, & eventually, in no time they fall back into the web of village life perplexities. So I try my best at  the individual level to counsel them as much & as many young people I come in contact with.

Q) Any message for other students & youth at village?
A) Put yourself into studies while you have time since farming is losing its ground, concentrate more on getting good marks, once you have it with you, you will find a gateway to a world of interesting & never-before seen opportunities welcoming you at your doorstep. Sports also are a good option, even commercially, if you get yourself really good at any. Akal Academy is workingon the talents that we have at schools. The school is well equipped with the facilities to bring out talent and nurture students. Wait and watch!

Q) Any message for Parents at villages?
A) Pay attention towards educating your children, opportunities don’t differentiate between a girl ora boy, so educate them both equally. Most importantly, it’s the call of the hour to understand the importance of spirituality & religion, they shape up your life in the best way,ensure ” ki tusi ya tuhade bache kisi vi dhongi saadhaan de chakar vich na paon te dhyan sirf hor sirf Guru Granth Sahib de dikhaye rastey te rakho is naal positive thinking te success milegi”.

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