Moving strong upon its vision to secure mainstream for the rural kids of India, the Kalgidhar Trust’s Akal Academy running at village Rataolan designed and observed a specially customized “Rhyme-Time” event which aims at imbibing English speaking skills amongst rural village children.

Fun with Learning: Rural Village Rataolan’s Akal Academy kids undertake English “Rhyme-Time” Workshop
The event saw little young primary class students gathered together at the corridor outside their classes, who came up on the performance area, turn by turn; there were both individual and group performances that were witnessed by the students with school staff and teachers.

The exclusively conceptualized custom event for the rural, held in the form of a competition, required the participants to not only sing the English rhymes of their choice, but also, perform creative actions matching to the rhyme context. Some students were also seen dressed up in special attire to match the theme of their rhymes while performing.

“It is always interesting for us to keep coming up with such fun learning concepts for these rural kids, who otherwise do not get much of organic exposure in the village environment to support their universal growth, especially on the context of getting proficient at this universal language(English)”,  expressed the Principal Kiranjeet Kaur, who holds regular brain-storming sessions with the members of the staff for the purpose of conceptualization of new techniques of making learning fun-filled & impactful for young rural village kids.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 30th Oct ’13