Sikh Sangat has started doing Kar-Sewa for the construction of the new and large Gurdwara at Gomti’s Pilibhit Marg. For the same, on Sunday, both males & females gathered in large number for Kar-Sewa to lay the foundation of staircase that leads to the first level.

Earlier, on 14th January 2014, Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, the founder Akal Academy, Baru SaKar Sewa for the construction of Gurdwara at Gomti's Pilibhit Marg Begins!hib, had come from Himachal to Gomti Gurdwara to lay the inaugural foundation stone for this new Gurdwara.

Kar Sewa for the construction of Gurdwara at Gomti's Pilibhit Marg Begins!

Akal Academy’s Organizer Jaswant Singh Veerji told that the existing Gurdwara will be relocated to the first level in the same building and the ground level will be converted into ‘Langar’ hall. The project of building the Gurdwara is of a Huge level in which an estimate expenditure of more than Rs 1 Crore is expected. The construction is to be done through the support of the organization and the people of the region. The construction work of the gurdwara has been initiated from Sunday, in the first phase of which, the foundation for the staircase that leads to the first level, has been constructed. For this work, the Sangat started arriving from early morning, men and women in great numbers did Kar-sewa reciting the name of Waheguru. In this Sewa, Jaswant Singh Veerji, Dalbi Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Dr. Jogender Singh, Jagdish Singh, Dr. Baljinder Singh, Balkar Singh were present in a leading way alongside several other people. During the entire course of the ‘Kar-Sewa’, the ‘Langar’ sewa remained active for the Sangat involved in the Kar-Sewa.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 28th April ’14