Today, we introduce to you our very special member of the Baru Sahib – Young Angrez Singh – the 10 minute sketch artist, who is treated as Baru Sahib’s son, dedicated this beautiful Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s caricature to all Baru Sahib supporters as a thanks giving gesture for his god’s gifted artistic hand & his life – that he believes received god’s own illumination through the humble love & support of Baru Sahib and all of its supports, which helped raise an abandoned orphan like himself.

Meet Graced Angrez Singh: The 10 Minute Caricature Artist of Destiny
Angrez Singh was orphaned at an early age (5) when both his parents lost their lives in an unfortunate mishap, after which his poor relatives, unable to afford this little wonder’s upbringing, sent him to Baru Sahib, where he received nurturing & schooling at Akal Academy.

Angrez Singh can draw caricature of any live scene or portrait, in just about 10 minutes; his deep interest and dedication towards the sketch art stems back to his loneliness during his childhood when he had no one around him and hence decided to make his drawing pencil his best friend.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 2nd Nov ’13