PYP Exhibition was held at Akal Academy, Baru Sahib on October 4, 2014, a concept authorized by IB (International Baccalaureate) in November last year. It is mandatory for the Grade 5 PYP students of IB World Schools to showcase their learning in the form of Exhibition in one of the last units of their concept-based and inquiry based learning.

Grade fivers of Akal Academy, Baru Sahib enthralled the audience with their wonderful performance of their learning in PYP by means of Power Point Presentations, displays and live performance of Music band, Dance and Drama to exhibit the central idea – Performing art as an opportunity to explore passion and stimulates social change. The Grade V teachers laid the solid foundation in crystallizing the knowledge and blending performance beautifully and artistically.

In the final year of Primary Years Program, the Grade 5 students take up exhibition as a culminating project. It’s a demonstration of students’ engagement with the five essential elements of the program: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action. Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of a PYP student, synthesising the essential elements and sharing them with the whole-school community.

Parents, representatives from other IB world schools and other guests were spell bound by the synthesis and creativity in depicting the journey of inquiry undertaken by the 11-12 year old students.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 6th Oct ’14

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