Amid world climate turmoil, whilst the scientists are raising concerns and environmentalists in most countries are discussing ways to bring down the pollution levels in order to avoid the imminent extreme rise in temperature over the next 2 decades; the rural students and teachers of village Saniana’s Akal Academy have already taken up the combat mode.

Rural students plant 500 Trees! - Village Saniana’s Action on Global Warming Woes
Over the past couple of months, the school staff alongside students and teachers has been actively observing plantation drives across the village and nearby areas in vicinity. Together, the young enthusiast transformers have successfully planted 500 tree-saplings. The locals were excited watching the children planting trees that they too have decided to participate in further tree plantation activities.

“In light of the parent organization – The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib’s core values, which seek to make this world a better living place through producing good global peace-making citizens. The task of saving, preserving and improving the environment and the mother earth stands integral to responsibility of these young world citizens, by the virtue of both – their faith & learning’s that are imbibed into them”, expressed Mrs Raj Goyal, Principal of the school. She also explained that it is important and critical for adults to take up the role of motivating the youth through leading by example and contributing alongside the kids.

“We cannot assume worldwide change unless we change ourselves to begin with – which only can acts as the strong motivating and influencing force for the upcoming generations to follow”, she further added.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 30th Oct ’13