Rural school kids rally against Drug-Alcohol Addiction

~At Village KilliNihal Singh Wala, Punjab.

De-addiction rally by Akal Academy Students

Sadly, Punjab state has touched a consumption of 40 crore bottles of liquor this year. And the state departments have documented that 74% youth is addicted to Drugs. But there is a small section of well-wishers that has been working silently to turn this around.
Hundreds of Akal Academy students held a rally across village streets against DRUGS and ALCOHOL abuse encouraging de-addiction to drugs and alcohol& promoting Education through their emotional appeal to the families of the village.

Lines like these coming from the little kids, surely made an impact. These kids will eventually bring a bigger change –

“Nashey Chaddo, Kaurh Vaddo”

“Jo Jeher Tambaku Peendey Ne, oh Murda Jeevan Jeendey Ne”

“Papa Ji Na Piyo Sharab, Menu Le Deyo Ik Kitaab”


The village folks were moved by the representation and skits carried out by the kids. Many of them pledged to abstain from alcohol and drugs.

It gladdens our heart to know that, thanks to the efforts of these students from Akal Academies all across the state; 72 villages opted to be liquor free u/s 40 of the Panchayati Raj Act during 2012.

A small win but yes for a much better future!

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 19th Sep ’13