Our Vision
To establish permanent peace in the world through value based education and spiritual rejuvenation, creating good global citizens.

Our Mission
Building Gurukuls of Modern India, creating a web of 500 Low-cost quality oriented English-medium schools, imparting Value-Based education, by year 2020.

Our Impact
Under this initiative, the organization has been able to cover 33 Districts (3 Backward Districts, 31 Gender critical Districts, 33educationally backward blocks) / 6450 villages across 5 states.

The young students of these schools have helped touch-move-inspire the local population and society to bring about turnarounds in their immediate social circle. An internal study reveals that each one of them manages to bring about a positive change in 30 to 35 persons in their area. Crime, marital discord and drug abuse has reduced in the areas that have these schools. And our students are toppers in their districts/ And our studentshave exhibited exceptional academic prowess, in their respective districts.

Around 18 lakh population in North Indian states are inspired by these children. (already mentioned in table) 776 of our students are studying abroad for higher education.

The future short-term targets of the Trust envisage creating more schools within the next couple of years for which debt has been raised from Banks.

The second University is coming up at Talwandi Sabo including a much-needed Cancer detection centre in the cancer prone belt of Bathinda.

One small positive impact of these schools has been that 127 villages have opted to keep their villages liquor free under the Panchayat act by passing a resolution; thanks to the intensive anti-drug rallies by the young students all around the state. Though a small turnaround, this is a positive indicator in a state that is ill-known for being the country’s largest liquor consuming state (Rs.2700 per capita).

It has been calculated that each school opened and seeded with Rs.4 crores of investment will manage to contribute Rs.135 crores to the GDP in 20 years of its existence.

Our Achievements

8,150 Well Placed Alumni
4,162 Teachers Employed
2,000 Teachers in Training

57 Crores p.a GDP contributed
25,000 Employment Generated
18,00,000 Rural Population Impacted

50,000 Committed Volunteers (National & International)
5,00,000 Underprivileged Benefited
765 Students Pursuing Higher Education Abroad

1,25,557 Trees Planted by Eco Clubs
1,510 E- Classrooms
93 CBSE National Champions produced