Besides providing World-class education, the chain of Akal Academies places its top priority in building good human character by inculcating strong values in our students from day one. With the grace of God, our hard work and efforts in building strong moral character are reflecting upon the lifestyle of our children. Here is a short testimony by a Bengali parent presented to the Tejeesh Singh, journalist of Times of India and an avid benefactor of Baru Sahib. She shared her story with Tejeesh Singh of how Baru sahib transformed her son's life. Sharing his views- He explains how he recently met a parent based in Kolkata Bengal whose child was studying in Akal Academy Baru Sahib. Tejeesh didn't disclose his association with Baru Sahib to get an honest unfiltered view about the school. She explained how her child was becoming aggressive. She didn't want to admit him into any of the well-known schools in Bengal or Dehradun as there was either rampant drug abuse or were very expensive. Her experience with the school was nothing less than a miracle as her child is performing much better now mentally as well as physically too. She also added how admitting his son also had a positive impact on her life as she had quit drinking since then. She was really impressed by the practices followed by the school like the gender-neutral uniforms and the fact that children are given 1 pencil to use for the whole week and how erasers are shared between 6 children to make them realize the value of things. We are blessed to have such great testimonials by parents. These testimonials are a true reflection of the hard work and dedication that is done behind the curtains to raise our students not only as great scholars but also great human beings.